Florida Newspaper Admits & Apologizes For Biased Coverage Against Trump


While saying it’s not an “endorsement” of Donald Trump, a Florida newspaper has admitted they failed to give voters fair and balanced coverage of the presidential election news.

The Daily Commercial issued an open letter to their readers on October 23, describing it as part explanation, part reflection and part mea culpa, after an “uncomfortably sizable number” of readers have written and called in to the paper, criticizing them for getting swept up in the “anti-Trump wave.”

Their excuse is that, unlike larger national daily newspapers, such as the NY Times, USA Today, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, the Daily Commercial has “limited space and resources.”

They said while Hillary Clinton has been bland on the campaign trail, not really giving the media anything to latch on to, that Trump could never seem to stay focused on his message – immigration, jobs and international relations.

Instead, they said he “devoted so much of his air time saying outlandish things and picking fights with anyone, even his own party, who disagreed with him…. In short, he has been his own worst enemy by creating daily controversies with his words and actions, instead of dominating the news cycle with the message that got him this far.”

“It’s as if a number of national media outlets finally said the heck with it, Trump is a bad guy and we’re not going to dance around it anymore,” the paper wrote.    They agree that the media failed completely to report Clinton’s questionable actions.

“Has the media been biased against Trump?  Yes, we believe so, especially lately.  Trump’s every utterance, no matter how innocuous, is now parsed, analyzed and criticized by a litany of political pundits.  The wire services that the Daily Commercial subscribes to churn out stories almost daily that fact-check Trump, which is warranted given his penchant for exaggeration and duplicity.  Yet those same services turn out so few stories that fact check Clinton, who also has a strained relationship with the truth.”

“And while hundreds of stories have attempted to shed light on Trump’s feelings about women, minorities, his business dealings, his taxes and more, so little has been written about some of Clinton’s questionable decisions as secretary of state, her emails and the fact that she and Bill have somehow amassed incredible wealth during their political careers.   That certainly deserves scrutiny.”

They closed with an apology: “You, the voter, deserve better than we in the media have given you.  You deserve a more balanced approach to the coverage of elections and other weighty issues.”


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