Michael Flynn Jr., the son of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, slammed David Hogg, one of the Parkland shooting student survivors that organized the March For Our Lives protest rally.  Flynn Jr. suggested perhaps Hogg wasn’t punished enough when he was a “kid.”

In the tweet (see below), Flynn Jr. wrote: “Someone (hint: parents) clearly didn’t smack this kid much growing up. Your emotional high will run out soon so savor it while it lasts…. ”

Flynn Jr. was tweeting in response to a tweet from Hogg (see below).

The Hill reports: His tweet came in response to Hogg rejecting an apology for a critical tweet Fox News host Laura Ingraham posted about his college prospects. Hogg has become a vocal advocate for gun control since the deadly shooting at his high school in Parkland, Fla.

Ingraham last week posted a tweet critical of Hogg and shared a Daily Wire story saying that Hogg was rejected from four colleges he had applied to.

Hogg responded, asking who Ingraham’s biggest advertisers were. He then tweeted out a list of her advertisers and called for people to contact those companies.

Multiple companies that advertised during Ingraham’s Fox News program have since announced they would pull their ads.

Ingraham later apologized, saying she was sorry for “any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of Parkland.”

Hogg rejected her apology last week, saying he would only accept it if she denounced the way her network has “treated my friends and I in this fight.”

After posting his initial reply, Flynn Jr. reacted to angry responses from other Twitter users: “Lot of libs triggered by this comment. If smacking your kid when he gets out of line/mouths off is ‘troublesome’ for you, you’re one of the main reasons our kids (in the US) are #22 in the world in education. Called LACK OF DISCIPLINE.”

Both the Sr. and Jr.Flynn’s are under investigation as part of the ongoing probe into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

At least 16 corporations have pulled their advertising from “The Ingraham Angle,” including Bayer AG who announced their decision in a Twitter post on Saturday.

See the initial tweet from Hogg below, as well as Flyn Jr’s responses and a few examples of criticism for Flynn Jr’s remarks.

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