The unrest in Iran has hit levels not seen since the protests and demonstrations from 2009. Iranians across the country have gathered in protest against the current regime, which has resulted in over 20 people killed.

The anarchy was semi-quelled Wednesday with a few pro-government rallies being formed following the violent and turbulent week.

The Associated Press reports the following:
“Tens of thousands of Iranians took part in pro-government demonstrations in several cities across the country on Wednesday, Iranian state media reported, a move apparently seeking to calm nerves after a week of protests and unrest that have killed at least 21 people.

While the rallies showed support among Iran’s 80 million people for its clerically overseen government, smaller and smaller towns in the Iranian countryside appear to be experiencing the unrest that has already swept through urban areas, according to protesters’ online videos.

Official and semi-official media did not immediately offer new details of the unrest Wednesday. Demonstrators’ videos corresponded with The Associated Press reporting from outside of Iran, though individual protesters themselves remain unreachable. The protests for now also appear to remain leaderless.



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