Football Stadium Brawl Leaves Former Marine in Critical Condition


Two men were arrested after a brawl between Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens fans Sunday that left a former marine in critical condition.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Scott Smith, 30, of Mount Vernon, N.Y., and Andrew Nappi, 31, of Eastchester, N.Y., were each charged with first- and second-degree assault. Both were released after posting bond: $50,000 for Smith and $25,000 for Nappi.

Scott Smith of Mt. Vernon, NY., left, and Andrew Nappi of Eastchester, NY, right.

Scott Smith of Mt. Vernon, NY., left, and Andrew Nappi of Eastchester, NY, right.

Susan Bauer told The Baltimore Sun that her 55-year-old brother Joseph Bauer was attending the game with his wife when he got into an argument with a group of Raiders fans.

Her brother was on life support and doctors have told the family he has a 30 percent chance to survive.

“My brother is in critical condition on life support over a football game,” Susan Bauer said. “We’re in shock over this.”

According to police, Nappi said that the men argued, and Bauer threw a bottle that hit Smith in the head. Nappi said he then punched Bauer in the face, and Bauer’s wife Sharon, told police Smith shoved Bauer to the ground and he hit his head.

The Ravens have put out a statement expressing their sympathy toward Bauer and his family.

We are deeply concerned about this assault and are learning as much as we can about it. Safety for our fans is a top priority. Confrontational and inflammatory behavior is never tolerated and is unacceptable at Ravens home games.


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