France is considering legislation that would allow them to jail illegal immigrants caught using fake identity papers for up to five years. Additionally, anyone entering the country outside of a recognized border crossing could be sentenced to one year in jail, under the proposed new laws.

The laws are being proposed as 63 percent of French respondents in a recent opinion poll said there were too many immigrants in the country, according to the Telegraph.

A controversial immigration and asylum bill, which has sparked opposition from rights groups, opposition parties and even members of President Emmanuel Macron’s own party, was due to be presented to the cabinet on Wednesday.

The report continues: The bill has not yet been made public, but Le Monde newspaper says that its Article 16 calls for illegal immigrants using fake identity papers or someone else’s ID “to stay in the country and for most of the time to work there” would face up to five years in jail and €75,000 (£66,000 [or approx. $92,500]) euros in fines.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants currently work in restaurants, factories, and building sites across France, many of them using fake or borrowed ID. If caught by authorities, few go to court, and if they do they often get only a suspended sentence and a request to leave the country.

Another law planned would make entering France without using a recognized border crossing point an offense, which would carry a maximum one-year prison sentence and a fine of €3,750 (approx. $4,600.)

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