Foreign Worker Fired for Hanging Noose In AT&T Office

ATT noose 1

An international contractor has fired one of their employees who hung a noose from the ceiling in an AT&T office building where they were working.

The AT&T office in downtown St. Louis had the international communications company, Ericsson North America, working in their building.  An employee came to work Tuesday morning and found the noose hanging from her office cubicle, and posted a photo on Facebook.   According to Facebook posts, the employee is an African American woman.

The employee’s cousin shared the photo as well, and some people commenting jumped on the incident, blaming Donald Trump.    “This is sad but I’m not even shocked! There is a race war building and Donald Trump is the leader! Help us all if he’s elected president!” said one.

An investigation was launched, and an Ericsson official released a statement saying one of their international contractors admitted to hanging the noose “as a joke, intended for a fellow international contractor.”

“While this is an image U.S. citizens find extremely offensive, these international employees were not aware of the disturbing racial and cultural implications a noose has here in the U.S.  We have fired the international contractor responsible, and made all others aware that his image is highly offensive to Americans.  We wish to apologize to everyone for this appalling incident.”






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