Percentage revealed of foreigners deported from Sweden after rapes

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Statistics from the Swedish national government have revealed that only one of every five foreigners found guilty of raping children are being deported to their home countries.

Government data accounts for offenses committed by illegal aliens and foreign nationals registered as living in the country as residents and shows that from 2010 to 2014 foreign nationals convicted of heinous crimes have been allowed to remain in Sweden.

Notable statistics regarding foreign nationals registered as Swedish residents include:

  • 19 percent convicted of rape were deported
  • 19 percent convicted of aggravated rape were deported
  • 13 percent convicted of child rape were deported
  • 17 percent convicted of aggravated rape of a child were deported

The percentage of deportees increased when foreign national offenders were not registered as Swedish residents.

In rape cases, 63 percent of those convicted were deported and 73 percent in aggravated rape cases. Forty-eight percent of those found guilty of child rape were allowed to remain in Sweden. In aggravated rape cases involving a child, 67 percent of those convicted were deported.

The figures were released just months after five Afghan teenagers, all from the same migrant center, were convicted of gang-raping a boy in Sweden. None of the offenders face deportation because their homeland was deemed “too dangerous.”

The teenagers took video of the assault in which the victim, who is under 15, was beaten and dragged into the forest at knife-point then bitten and sexually assaulted by his attackers.

Despite being tried and convicted, the teens were not deported. The court claimed that they would have been ‘hit very hard’ by deportation because of the security situation in Afghanistan.

H/T: Daily Mail


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