Former female FOX NEWS host sues over a tweet


Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros filed a lawsuit on Thursday after ex-colleague Nomiki Konst posted a tweet that read, “Remember that time Bill O’Reilly kicked me off a weekly spot on his show after Andrea Tantaros physically attacked me & threatened me? I do!”

Charging defamation in the complaint, Tantaros also alleges that the offending tweet was ordered by Fox News’ public relations executive Irena Briganti in an effort to intimidate her.

Reportedly, Tantaros told Fox News contributor Pete Snyder that she was planning to “sue him for allegedly organizing a social media campaign to smear her reputation on behalf of Roger Ailes, the former CEO of Fox. The lawsuit says that Nomiki Konst’s tweet was posted 90 minutes after this contact, and alleges that this is not a coincidence.”

According to the lawsuit, “The timing of the Konst tweet, one hour and 17 minutes after Tantaros’s counsel informed Snyder’s counsel that Tantaros would be going forward with her lawsuit against Snyder no later than April 20, 2017 — is highly suspicious.”

Claiming that the tweet contains a false accusation, Tantaros’ complaint laid out the motive: “Konst had a strong motive to do Briganti’s bidding because Konst desperately wants to appear regularly on Fox News.”

Briganti denies the allegations, saying she had nothing to do with the tweet.

Prior to this incident, Tantaros had filed a lawsuit against Fox News, describing the network as a “sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency, and misogyny.”

Claiming libel, Tantaros is seeking damages from Konst and Briganti. It’s noted that Nomiki Konst has more than 55,000 followers on Twitter who may see the message.



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