Former Fox News host Eric Bolling announced Friday that he is assisting President Donald Trump in fighting the burgeoning epidemic of opioid addiction in America.

Bolling, 54, who was dismissed from Fox News following allegations of sexual harassment against him, made the announcement in an opinion editorial published by CNN in which he wrote about his son’s tragic overdose in September 2017, and acknowledged that there were warning signs that he and his wife, Adrienne, had missed.

“Like many parents, we worried about the possibility he was getting involved with harder drugs. But we never expected this would happen to him. We were guilty of the ‘not our kid’ syndrome,” Bolling said.

More from the Daily Mail:

Bolling said in the weeks before 19-year-old Eric Chase died, he had become distant, would skip his summer classes and wasn’t interested in talking with his parents. Bolling said he and his wife noticed the changes in Eric Chase’s behavior and “now wish we had done more to address” them.

“Eric Chase was a really good student at the University of Colorado. He was a social kid, liked to go to parties and had joined a fraternity,” he wrote. “Over the year or so since he was in Colorado, Adrienne and I had discussed drug abuse with Eric Chase.”

Bolling, 54, then announced that he teamed up with Trump – who Bolling said called him following his son’s death – to tackle the opioid epidemic.

“For the past few months I’ve been working directly with President Trump and his senior advisers handing the White House’s opioid awareness initiatives,” he said. “I pray my voice helps parents realize the importance of getting involved in their kids’ social activities.

“You see, opioids are the unbiased killer of our most precious commodity, our children. Opioids kill athletes, straight-A students, white, Hispanic, black, rich, poor, gay, straight, girls and boys alike.”

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