Former McCain Aide Will Support Clinton Over Trump

The RINOs are jumping ship!

Mark Salter, a former top aide to Senator John McCain, has announced he despises the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump so much he will vote for Hillary Clinton instead. 

He has called Clinton the “more conservative” choice.

Salter served as McCain’s chief of staff, and was a senior advisor on his 2008 presidential campaign.

He has written several op-eds over the past few months, “warning” of how bad Trump would be for the Republican Party, and for the country.

Salter wrote in February, “If you can see him plainly and you love our country, you must vote against him.   Even if that means electing Hillary Clinton.”

Now that Donald Trump has won the Indiana primary, his nomination as the Republican candidate is assured.

Twitter_Mark Salter

Editor’s Note:  Salter, you just threw America under the bus.  Shame on you!


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