Former Mexican President Launches Twitter Attack on Trump

On Friday, Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, took to Twitter to inform President-elect Trump that he had no intentions of paying for the wall and to question if he was a “legitimate president.”

Fox’s tweets came after the public release of a declassified report regarding Russian interference into the U.S. election. 

According to top officials, while Russia did attempt to influence the U.S. election, the election was not impacted by the Russians. The report clarified that there had been no tampering with the voting machines.

Fox, who has been a critic of Trump’s campaign, and his calls that Mexico would pay for his intended wall, tweeted saying, “when will you understand that I am not paying for that f**ken wall. Be clear with US tax payers.”

Fox also questioned President-elect Trump asking if he was even a “legitimate” president.

The tweets blasting Trump also came after news reports were released about his administration requesting funds from Congress to build the wall.

Fox, who is not new to slamming Trump on Twitter had previously tweeted about the recent decision by Ford to cancel plans of building a $1.6 billion factory in Mexico. The decision allows them to forgo a large tariff tax that President-elect Trump has declared would be forced on companies who import their goods into the U.S.


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