I received this email today from a gentleman who lives in California and worked on the Trump campaign in 2016.  The subject of his email reads: “Why You Made the Right Move Not Running in 2016”

The other day, I saw in your daily email replies that not running is one of your biggest regrets. Don’t let it. I can see being disappointed but I think you made the right move. Getting Trump elected and spreading the word on immigration is the only thing we could have done.

You would have been the best candidate, but if the best candidate always won we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Ultimately, with Trump in the race I think the best case is you and Trump would have split the vote and Ted Cruz would have been the nominee. Cruz would have then lost to Hillary. There’s no way you would have let Hillary win.

Trump would have done whatever it took to win the primary, hook or crook. He would have just taken your best ideas, claimed them as his own, and then used his bully pulpit to convince everyone that he was actually the first to think of them. If he felt threatened he would have even toned down the antics. He did this time again against Hillary. He behaved, his poll numbers went up, then he got cocky and obnoxious, they went back down. Also remember he wasn’t even polling well at first because nobody thought he was serious.

Trump is just too good at promotion, sucks too much air out of the room, and has money and name recognition baked in. Americans, by and large, love two things: watching train wrecks and being told what they want to hear. In that sense, Trump was the candidate we all deserved.

Also look at the media blackouts for Ron Paul when he ran, who actually knew the issues, was a sitting congressman, and had a cult following.

The silver lining is that now Trump has won, people know it’s possible to break through traditional barriers. He wasn’t a politician or a general and didn’t have the support of the media. He also made it okay to not be PC. There was a time when experts thought it was impossible to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds until someone did it. Now less than 10 seconds is the norm if you want to medal. Conservatives need to get organized now.

Your odds now go up if you do run. My only concern is that our demographics will have changed so much that not even Abe Lincoln could win. I’m usually 5-10 years ahead of the curve on these types of predictions though, hopefully this is the case here too.

Your best bet would be to win a seat in the House first. That won’t be easy either and you’d have to move. The sooner you move the better because when I ran, people did ask me all the time how long I had been in the area, 18 years. Florida would be a good place for you I think, very strategic. I love it there too and was born in Miami.

Unfortunately, I don’t think an independent can win as POTUS, not even Trump could have, but they could win in Congress. Another thing to consider depending on ballot laws and the district.



  1. I am tired of you turning on our Pres……been following you since the beginning butm..bye bye… you love yourself too much

    • Ok Larry! There’s a saying that applies to ur comment. Everybody has two things. An opinion and a buttopening!!!! Hahaha that’s as nice as I can b!! Maybe u should get a lot of rest today.

    • DML is about himself. I don’t know that he has turned on Trump because he really never was 100% for Trump. He was loving Trump’s immigration talk during the election but since nothing has proved to come true, DML is frustrated and angry. Let’s not forget that DML has a super ego. Who refers to themselves as initials? Actually DML is a very flawed individual that feels he needs to prove his worthiness each day. Of course that is JMHO.

      • You are so right. He’s a pathetic narcissist who begs for money. Buy your own damn camera. Lies about making donations. Pretends to be interested in humanitarian affairs. All bullsit, he’s interested in making money off the homeless by selling shitty videos. Compensates them by throwing them a few cases of water LOL. Seriously…begging people to buy a new camera by asking for donations, INDIRECTLY. People send me his videos as a laugh because they know I once supported this loon and they were all telling me, this guy has a motive. Yup, they were right. He’ll never be President and he’s so bitter of people who have power, money and recognition. If President Trump thought he could be useful, he would have called him by now LOL. Then his plan to deal with NETFLIX, most of us are boycotting that enitity, not him. Dennis has mental health issues. Get a real job and stop begging already. Ohhhh and anytime you want to meet me face to face, I’m willing. I’ll meet you right in front of the First Preysbyterian church on Main St during a walk and talk. Ass hat

        • Really. A person using a fake name and email wants to call me out. I’ll meet you any time you like. You have my email. Send the time. As for the donations we make, it’s far more than water. Our efforts… it’s all documented. Good luck proving your clueless comments that clearly come from a deranged brain. Amazing how you’re still here. Lonely you are.

          • DML pay no attention to these “attention seekers” . If they feel the way they say, why post it why not just leave period. I am clueless as to how these idiots can say all the nasty things about you but hey I am just a simple older lady who has been around for 76 years. I never cease to be amazed at just how stupid some folks can be. You keep doing what you do best DML. Don’t let them get your goat. Let the stuff run off your back like water off a ducks back. Love and hugs

  2. Don’t bother running, you’re an angry mess. Couldn’t be more disappointed. I already know you don’t give a shit. And believe me, we don’t give a shit about you. You thought President Trump was taking your advice. When he wasn’t, you turned on him like a pit bull.

    • Another dumb response flows in. If you had any clue, you’d know I couldn’t be further away from “angry” than I am. If you don’t give a sh*t about me and what I have to say, then answer this question: “why are you on my website?” The president did more than “take my advise,” and he staffers remain to be on “watch”. But that matters little at this point, the water is under the bridge and the boat is set sailed. What does that mean? You’ll have to keep tuning in.

      • UH Dennis Michael Livengood does NOT express what most of us feel about you. What kinda of name is livengood. Perhaps he should just move on and let the rest of us enjoy your posts without his idiotic comments. May he continue to livengood. LOL I love you DML and I know u to be an honest, trustworthy person. Nothing has changed that opinion for me. Hugs

    • Michael, how and why would you say DML doesn’t give a rip about us ,don’t lump us in with you, your wrong. Yes, he’s got a big ego, so what, I’m vain and I know it, why else would I have 125 tubes of lipstick.
      All the naysayers should leave, I’m in this for the long haul!

  3. Being from Florida, at one point, I actually thought Putnam was going to win. I heard this a lot, ” He’s from Florida and knows Florida. He did a good job as Florida Commissioner of Agriculture”. For many, that seemed to be a deciding factor for Putnam, but as we heard….. “and the winner is….DeSantis!” So there may be a chance!

  4. I wonder if DML has any clue as to how many people are getting fed up with his thinking no one but is right about everything. Nobody is right all the time, and the president is facing more than DACA and Obamacare. Michael Livengood, I agree that DML changed his tune about the president as soon as he saw his advice wasn’t being implemented immediately. Tone down your ego, DML, or you will lose most of your fan base.

    • LOL. I love it when I see these sort of responses. What’s really written here by you is “tone it up when I like the message, and tone it down when I don’t.” It sort of makes Ryan, the man who wrote the article, brilliant in his assessment. As a whole, “DACA” is low on my list of big issues, and to think for one minute that Obamacare is not that big of a deal shows how out of touch you are with what’s taking place in the USA. But like always, it will take some time before I am proved to be correct. Sadly, I don’t get any sort of win from being correct as my school district will continue to be an ESL depot, my Obamacare rates will exceed my mortgage, the homeless encampments will increase in the woods in our area, overdoses and STDs will continue to grow, but that’s all small potatoes I guess. As for my ego, there is nothing in this article that smells of ego. It’s a man’s opinion, and I think it’s very interesting and worthy to share on a website that bears my name. As for “losing my fan base.” I’d like to think I don’t have a fan base, but rather readers and viewers who appreciate getting the truth amid a time when most reports are biased beyond belief. Contrary to your hellish warning (threat), our numbers show no sign of losing our core audience, and if I can rid of the poison nuts that somehow hang on my tree, then I will be a happier guy. I truly believe most of the people who rely on me / DML NEWS do so not because they have nowhere else to go, but because they know I won’t feed them bullsh*t. As for “changing” my tune. I don’t changes tunes. Trump does that. He says something different on a daily basis. I could actually write a book with 100 chapters on how many times he changes his story, tune, comments, etc. All I do is flow with the information. I can seriously care less if Trump takes my advise or rejects it. He’s his own man, as am I. He loves to swim in stormy waters that he often creates (no pun intended with the STORMY usage). Enjoy your red hat.

      • I think you are worth listening to or I wouldn’t be on your website reading what you have to say. (I laughed however at the “stormy” allusion – good one.)

        But I’m all for considering divergent viewpoints. I think the alt-left Big Tech will put you under when they sense you no longer will serve their purpose to be a “reasonable” foil to the Trumpster. I did not start out as a Trump supporter BUT he did vanquish the field and then it was him of the witch (you know the one – she is entirely above the law and colluded with the Russians and now we learn apparently with the chi-coms to fix the last election.) I chose him and would a million times over given the same set of facts and circumstances. I look forward to voting for him yet again when the time comes because he is NOT a typical lying sos that 99% of our politicians are these days.

        There is one intriguing wisp of prophecy that niggles at the periphery of my thinking: Donald Trump may be the LAST president of the Republic. I think the alt-left, including the democrats, will assassinate him and overthrow the United States Constitution by installing their own hand-picked dictator. All for the ‘good’ of the country of course. But that path leads to civil war, followed by foreign invasion by the russo-chicom alliance and the fall of this mighty civilization. I only sense this as a possible prelude to the Second Coming, because America must be reduced in order for the world to attempt to eradicate Israel from the face of the earth – can’t have a powerful defender willing to nuke an enemy of Israel no can we? The volatility of Trump upsets the Deep State that wants to lobotomize the American voter to pacifically lockstep into a bland, Orwellian future. I think they rightly foresee what I have.

        Keep writing and sharing your thoughts while you still can.

    • Diane, please speak for your self. Let the rest of us speak our minds and without your nasty comments. Have a good life and “bye bye”.

  5. I agree with this guys letter… I don’t think DML could have won. Hillary would now be our president…I would love to see DML as our president one day, but I don’t see him getting any further with immigration than Trump is getting… Its a very hard fight that has been climbing for a very long time. Good luck in the future. I do follow you as much as I can. You would never have been able to take the treatment that Trump has gotten, and you would have been treated just as bad, because you are not part of the swamp…

    • Lol about the treatment part. Do you not read some of these replies. Difference between Trump and me is I didn’t do the stuff he gets crap for (example: see payments to porn star and playboy model). I think I can take the shallow comments that are easily proven untrue like the idiot who says my water sent to a homeless camp is the only thing I’ve done for the homeless. Funny thing is I asked the people in that camp how I could help them. The reply I got was “send water.”
      As for immigration I’d get much further. Where is one single tweet about everify?

  6. DML i am a day one follower, only because of the passion you deliver the truth in, NOT TONE. i have not watched the news in years, not even Fox News, they are just as bias. i follow YOU, for the truth, I 💯 believe in your message & delivery. i believe in the truth you share about Nobomacare i do pay more for my monthly premium than i do for my mortgage and on top of that i am paying 987.00 to fix ONE tooth! i agree with what you deliver abt imagration and the issues there, since i am a Cali native that got out just in time 9 years ago. l also agree with the homeless issue in our county and the way our Vets are treated!! i no longer watch Football for our Vets, not the President!! i also think sometimes he makes matter worse by opening his mouth! i voted for him only due to fact that i refuse to see Hillary in office, i felt we needed someone not in politics and that is norcistic to make the chances we need!!! I will continue to follow you until the end!!! Thank you DML and your beautiful family for all you give to our country daily! i pray peace over your family… De from C’bus Ohio

  7. I appreciate all that DML does for our Country. At least he cares enough to put himself out there. Those that criticize, do so from their recliner. DML is out, actually trying to make a difference. That’s much more than can be said about myself, and the vast majority of our American population. Before you have the nerve to criticize how about you actually get up, get out and do something first!?! Thank you DML for all you do. You are indeed appreciated by more, than by those whom do not.

    • Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. Evil people who say we cover items so we can sell DVDs… every news service is a business. If it does not make money they are not in business. That said, we do not have any guarantees. I can spend a year working on a homeless film and end up taking a financial bath. It would be much more lucrative and less trouble to make a romantic comedy. I continue to do what I do knowing we make a difference, at that’s the biggest reward. Sending water to a homeless camp may not sound like a lot of charity, but despite the money we pay to have food and water delivered, the reward is when I get the text message from the homeless lady who asked for the help… “Thank you for not forgetting us. It’s so hot.”

      • Awww glad u got a “thank you” from those you helped. sherry is right. We all need to do what we can in our corner of the world. Thank you thank you thank you for caring. Stop reading these nasty comments and put eyes on the positive. You are one in a million and I will be here as long as I can type and get on internet. Love and hugs

  8. Okay! Now when will all the trasher’s of DML receive their paychecks for coming here and insulting him. Their opinions are shadows of the Demo party socialists. First of all if you don’t like it go away. So what if DML criticizes Trump about certain policies because I can tell that those who have criticized DML they also criticized our President. Is there one person who has not been criticized. Because it does involve freedom that means all you who have criticized anyone that’s fine. But isn’t it funny to have a group come on to do so. Now it’s time to go about your business of doing the same thing to others. Just remember what goes around comes around.

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