Former US spy gets last-minute save by Trump administration


Abandoned by the Obama administration and fated to rot in an Italian prison, former U.S. CIA spy Sabrina de Sousa, 60, has escaped that scenario in a last-minute reprieve, thanks to actions taken by the Trump administration.

Now, de Sousa has plans to write a book.

De Sousa is one of 26 people convicted by Italian courts in absentia for the Milan kidnapping of Egyptian cleric Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr–a terrorism suspect–in 2003.

However, the dual Portuguese-U.S. citizen was the only person to actually be incarcerated for a crime she says she had nothing to do with. In fact, de Sousa claims that she wasn’t even in Milan on the day of the kidnapping and had nothing to do with planning it.

In the process of being transferred between Portuguese prisons and awaiting extradition to Italy last week, de Sousa was let go at the last moment, just as Italian police were flying in to pick her up, according to an article in the Daily Mail on Friday.

“This administration has been absolutely awesome,” de Sousa told reporters. “If the Trump administration didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, I’m very confident I’d be in an Italian jail.”

Pete Hoekstra, former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, worked to prevent de Sousa’s extradition, according to the report. Hoekstra said he had a “deep appreciation to all three governments involved in the successful outcome for Sabrina.”

De Sousa was detained overseas due to an Obama administration policy, known as the “disavowal policy,” according to reports. De Sousa pointed out that while she should have been given guaranteed diplomatic immunity, she was instead left to fend for her herself because of the disavowal policy.

“[The policy] has wider implications for all those of us who are assigned to countries as State Department officers, officially,” she said.

As to her memoir, de Sousa said, “It’s not my intention to reveal ‘big dark secrets’ in the book.”

The Italian president has commuted her four-year prison sentence, but she must still do community service, which she hopes to serve in her native Portugal. Though she may be required to return to Italy, she won’t have to go back to jail.

“So, what’s missing in the book is what is going to happen in the next few months,” she said, hinting that the last chapter of her book is still unwritten.

H/T: Daily Mail


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