FOSTER PARENT EARNING $18k per Month While Molesting the Foster Kids

Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu lives in Ridge, NY, a town located on the east end of Long Island.  He is a foster parent, who made a practice of taking in all boys — many developmentally disabled with behavioral problems.   According to the Suffolk County District Attorney, Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu earned as much as $18,000 a month as a foster parent, caring for six to eight children at a time since at least 1996.

But in January, two brothers who lived in the house came forward with credible stories of abuse. Gonzalez-Mugaburu was immediately arrested.  Once he was in custody, others felt more comfortable about coming forward.  So far, more than a dozen victims have made claims again Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu.

To make matters worse, prior to being arrested in January 2016, Gonzalez-Mugaburu was the subject of nine previous investigations involving alleged abuse dating back to 1998.   Somehow, each case ended with investigators stating the allegations weren’t credible, and none of them immediately led to the removal of children from Gonzalez-Mugaburu’s on Long Island.

Suffolk County placed 72 children in Gonzalez-Mugaburu’s care over 20 years.  They never found reason to stop placing children with him until his arrest in January.  Obviously, the system is not working very well.

Investigators are now learning from the victims that Gonzalez-Mugaburu kept them quiet by threatening them and telling them he had installed hidden cameras in his house to watch their every move.

Gonzalez-Mugaburu, 59, is accused of victimizing children as young as 8. One charge alleges he sexually abused a female dog in front of a child.  He claims he is not guilty.


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