Fox Host and Clinton Surrogate Get Into Hot Debate Over Russia


An interview between Fox News host Bill Hemmer and Clinton surrogate David Goodfriend went from bad to worse Thursday when Goodfriend pivoted away from questions about uranium contracts with Russia.

Hemmer started by asking Goodfriend about the hacked emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s account, which have been released by WikiLeaks.  

Goodfriend said that he’s had some of his emails to John Podesta posted on WikiLeaks and claimed they’ve been altered, but said what he really wants to talk about is the source of the emails, and said, “Vladimir Putin’s email dump is not exactly where I would go for my information,” blaming it on Russia again, and alleging that the emails may not even be accurate.

Hemmer had asked him about the $12 million payment given to Morocco by the Clinton Foundation, and Goodfriend continued to deny there was any connection to a quid pro quo deal.

The conversation got heated, especially when Hemmer kept asking Goodfriend about why Russian companies were allowed to get contracts for uranium deposits in the United States, and Goodfriend wanted to talk about Russian hacking email accounts.

At one point, after Goodfriend accused him of just trying to help Trump, Hemmer told him firmly, “This isn’t about Trump… this is about America.”

Goodfriend is an attorney and former deputy staff secretary to President Bill Clinton.  Breitbart reported that Goodfriend served as a “strategic counselor” to Denver-based public relations firm Dovetail Solutions – who was hired by Platte River Networks – the company responsible for storing Hillary Clinton’s email server from 2013 until turning it over to federal investigators in August 2015.

Dovetail Solutions was hired to “tone down negative reports” from the fallout of the Clinton email scandal.



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