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Written by DML
The president tweeted at FOX News a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t a nice message. Trump wrote: “Hard to believe that @FoxNews is wasting airtime on Mayor Pete, as Chris Wallace likes to call him. Fox is moving more and more to the losing (wrong) side in covering the Dems. They got dumped from the Democrats boring debates, and they just want in. They forgot the people who got them there. Chris Wallace said, “I actually think, whether you like his opinions or not, that Mayor Pete has a lot of substance…fascinating biography.” Gee, he never speaks well of me – I like Mike Wallace better…and Alfred E. Newman will never be President!”

Despite Trump’s complaints, FOX News continues to book Democrats for hour-long town halls. Why do such a thing, especially when the Democrat has no chance of winning the nomination, example in point: Julian Castro.

Castro, a radical liberal who served in the Obama administration, is the son of the woman who spearheaded the growth of “LA RAZA” — a pro-amnesty group.  LA RAZA translates to “The Race.”

Castro was given one hour on Fox News Thursday evening to bash Trump, call for open borders, and support the liberal calls for White House favorite, Kelly Anne Conway to be fired from the administration for violations of the Hatch Act.

I know Fox News, and I know the biggest anchors and executives. All they truly care about is ratings, and keeping the GOP elite and big ad buyers happy!

A few years ago, one of the popular FOX News anchors mistakenly attached me to an email he sent to his GOP elitist pals.  In doing so, he revealed his email contacts list. The anchor championed for cheap labor and free markets, which is counter to the message a FOX News audience would expect to hear from an anchor.  The Koch Brothers were on the send list.

My contacts within FOX News tell me the top brass want Trump to lose 2020. They fear the FOX brand is being soiled for the long term because the network is tied to closely to Trump. “They want Bernie to win for ratings purposes. They think he’ll grab up more ratings than Obama,” my contact at FOX News told me this week.

Founder, Rupert Murdoch and his sons are pro-amnesty. Make no mistake about it, they want to be more “mainstream.”  In other words, they want to be on the left side of news.

Between the airing of Democrat-only town halls, the hiring of disgraced liberal liar Donna Brazille, and the constant airing of impeachment commercials paid for by the radical liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, FOX News has gone to the “losing side”.  Thus, leaving Trump without a major network.

If you want to voice your disgust via email, it has to be done correctly or else it will simply be brushed aside at FOX.  Thus, I am here to explain the best way to complain.

It’s a two step process.  Step 1 is to fill out our 2020 form.  If you have submitted this form in the past, do it again to ensure we have your correct information.  This way we can contact you in the future as we continue our movement to protect the 2020 elections from media corruption.

Once you submit the form, you’ll be directed to the page where the email address and letter information is available. START BY CLICKING HERE.


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