Frank Stallone Releases Astounding Presidential Endorsement Video

An American actor, singer and songwriter has come out in full force encouraging voters to elect Republican nominee Donald Trump for President.

Frank Stallone, who is the younger brother of actor Sylvester Stallone, released a video on his Facebook page Monday morning, saying, “This could be one of the most important elections of your life, my life, and the American people.   Hillary Clinton, if she becomes president, will be the worst mistake you will ever make in your life.”

One man commenting on Stallone’s endorsement slammed his decision, saying, “You’ve got to be crazy to vote for trump… if he grab my daughter like he did with other woman I think I would have to do something very bad to the Donald. Frank your to smart to vote for the Donald.”

Stallone responded, “I’m very smart not to vote for a criminal, she will destroy this country.”

In another comment, Stallone said, “This president has done nothing for the black and Latino people. All you will get is more of the same but worse. And that horrible voice.”

He added, “The hard working tax paying latinos will suffer in the long run. Illegal immigration will take your jobs and they will get all the benefits that (you) worked so hard for.”

Stallone’s message is making an impact:





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