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Dennis Michael Lynch doesn’t interview many guests on his podcast, so when he invites someone on the program it means DML wants to emphasize a point.

Tomorrow, Friday, Oct 29, DML will interview two guests on his new podcast called, The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast.

In the first segment DML speaks with former New York Yankees pitcher Tanyon Sturtze.  As a Floridian and Trump supporter, Sturtze has his finger on the pulse of the election in the most important swing state this election.   Plus, Sturtze weighs in on Black Lives Matter and the negative impact it’s had on Major League Baseball.

In his second interview, DML calls on a retired FBI agent, Cesar Paz, to reveal the nuances of the investigation into Hunter Biden and money laundering.  The agent will explain how the agency will conduct the process, and he will discuss the corruption that is allegedly hampering the bureau. 

To listen to the podcast
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  1. I’ll be there! I doubt if the retired FBI agent can say much as it is an ongoing investigation!! Especially since he isn’t active anymore! And when they tie Joe in to everything, that’ll make harris our president! IF he were to win that is! God forbid!!


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