Frontrunner in special election not a resident in district

Jon Ossoff 2

The Democratic candidate running to replace Republican Tom Price in the contentious special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has admitted that he does not live in the district he hopes to represent.

In a Tuesday interview with CNN, Jon Ossoff said that he does not currently reside in the 6th District because he is living near Emory University to support his girlfriend. His residency makes it impossible for him to vote for himself in the election.

“I grew up in this district, I grew up in this community. I’ve been living with my girlfriend Alicia of 12 years down by Emory University where she’s a full-time medical student,” Ossoff said. “And as soon as she completes her medical training, I’ll be back up the street ten minutes in the district where I grew up. But I want to support her in her career and do right by her.”

Polls for Tuesday’s election reflect a lead for Ossoff, but he must obtain more than 50 percent of the votes to avoid a runoff race. A number of Republican candidates are on the ballot and they have a higher percentage of projected votes than do Democrats in the district.

Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has a history of being reliably Republican, yet President Trump won it by only one percent.

The special election will produce a successor for the congressional seat formerly held by Tom Price who was appointed as secretary of Health and Human Services. This special election, along with several others across the country, is widely viewed as a referendum on the early months of the Trump administration.


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