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Written by DML
Tonight is the last night.  If you want to own my jacket from They Come to America II, then go to and order a subscription to TEAM DML at Level 2, 3 or 4 before Monday morning at 10am, and you will enter a raffle to win.  The new service starts on December 1.  All the details can be learned about by visiting

The jacket reads NEVER FORGET on the back, and I wore it as I was working with the Border Patrol catching gang members and people from the Middle East, as show in the videos below.

If you previously ordered the subscription service, you can still participate by offering help a person who wants to join TEAM DML, but who is asking for financial assistance. If you go to, and donate $100, we will pull someone off the TEAM DML Buddy List and put them on the TEAM DML subscription plan. Making this donation puts you in the drawing to win the jacket.

I will announce the winner on The Truth Monday at 10am.
This first video highlights the work at the border I did, and the jacket is in the action.

This second clip is very scary as it shows how terrorists can work in with the migrants.

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