Gas Station Employee Vandalizes Customer’s Truck

This is a new form of “customer service” never seen before.

Someone at a Valero gas station in Lancaster, California caught a crazy truck-beating incident on cellphone video.  

Apparently, a women employed at the gas station became frustrated when a customer wouldn’t leave, so she walked out with a baseball bat, counted to 10, then started hitting his truck repeatedly, bashing in the tail light and denting the body of the vehicle, while yelling, “I told you to move!”

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The owner of the truck, Ray, says he was sitting in his truck making phone calls after he filled his tank.   He admits he lost track of time and may have stayed there for about an hour.

He called police when she started hitting his truck, saying he feared for his own safety.  Deputies responded and arrested her for vandalism.

When a reporter for a local news station returned to the station Wednesday, the woman was working behind the counter, but declined to comment on the incident.


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