Gender Equality Agenda Bars 2 Men From Democratic Convention

Two elected Vermont delegates have fallen victim to their own party’s political correctness agenda.

The two delegates – both men – were elected on June 11 to represent their state at the Democratic National Convention, but on July 5, the national party ordered them to be replaced with women “to achieve gender balance.”

Twenty-one delegates filed a formal complaint with the convention’s credentials committee, on behalf of State Senator Ti Ashe, and delegate Ken Dean, reports WCAX News.   Their two female replacements are both Bernie Sanders supporters.

None of the superdelegates are being touched, however.  Eight of the 10 Vermont superdelegates are men.

“The DNC’s tactics were designed to strong-arm the Vermont Democratic Party: the party was ordered to act within 24 hours, the party was threatened with the loss of 5 delegate seats, the loss of hotel rooms and the password necessary for convention logistics,” the complaint says. “The Vermont delegation was given no time to work together to explore other ways, other solutions, to abate the gender imbalance.”

One of the commentators on the WCAX news site said, “Simple solution: Tell the DNC that they “self-identify” as women. As an added bonus, they can pee in the Ladies Room.”



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