Who is George Soros? He is one of the richest men in the world. He uses his money to influence far-left politicians and activist groups. He believes in open borders worldwide, and he provided the seed money ($33,000,000) for Black Lives Matter and groups disrupting the Trump rallies across America.

So how much money does he invest in lefty radical groups and Hillary Clinton? How is he strategizing to hurt the nation of Israel? The answers to these questions are available here in three must see videos. The first is from Dennis Michael Lynch, and the second and third from Bill O’Reilly. Watch them, share them, and never be silly — never ignore Soros. (Note: When you finish watching videos, click here to see how Soros is connected to the company supplying voting machines to 16 states.)

1) Who is Soros and where does he invest his money:

2) How Soros wants to hurt Israel

3) How Soros influences the media


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