Georgia Attorney Sells Wife’s Belongings After “Accidentally” Killing Her

A prominent Georgia attorney who accidently shot and killed his wife a little over two months ago held an estate sale of his wife’s huge collection of designer clothing and other expensive items. 

Atlanta businesswoman Diane McIver, 63, died in late September after her husband, Claud ‘Tex’ McIver, 74, shot her in the back with a revolver when he was jolted awake inside their SUV.

Claud McIver, a well-known corporate attorney, has continuously denied claims that he intentionally shot Diane, describing the fatal shooting as an “accident” that ruined his life.

The estate sale is being promoted as “a fashionista’s dream closet,” and consists of over 2,000 pieces of designer clothing, shoes, hats and jewelry. The items are up for sale to raise $350,000 in bequests that Diane left in her will to her close friends and employees.

The estate sale was held in a 1,200 showroom at Peachtree Battle Estate Sales & Liquidations. It opened on December 7 and was only supposed to run through December 10, but it gained so much attention that an extra day was added on Wednesday.

Pictures of some of the items up for sale can be seen below:




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