German Police Arrest Syrian Migrant For ISIS Car Bomb Plot

A German state prosecutor’s office said on Monday that a Syrian migrant was placed under arrest after being suspected of seeking money from the Islamic State in return for packing vehicles with explosives to be used in terrorist attacks.

According to Reuters, the unnamed 38-year-old Syrian migrant has admitted to making contact with ISIS and is suspected of soliciting funds from the terrorist organization so he could purchase trucks and pack them each with 880-1,100 pounds of explosives.

“He is suspected of … requesting 180,000 euros from a contact person in Syria on his cell phone from Saarbruecken in December, 2016 so that he could acquire vehicles to pack with explosives and drive them into a crowd,” German Prosecutor Christoph Rebmann said in a statement.

Police said in a separate statement that the man also sought funding from ISIS for an “as yet unsubstantiated attack scenario with the help of prepared vehicles in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.”

The man denied having any “terrorist intentions,” saying instead he wanted to scam ISIS by fooling the terrorist group into sending him money.

“He said he wanted the money from ISIS to support his family back in Syria,” Rebmann said.

Investigators said there is no evidence that the suspect had already obtained and prepared any vehicles for an attack.

The man came to Germany on Dec. 5, 2014, and was granted permission to stay in the country Jan. 12, 2015.


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