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NEW YORK (AP) — Sure, there were the RBG bobbleheads, the Halloween getups, the lace collars, the workout videos. The “I dissent” T-shirts, the refrigerator magnets, the onesies for babies or costumes for cats. And yes, the face masks, with slogans like: “You can’t spell TRUTH without RUTH.”

But the pop culture status that Ruth Bader Ginsburg found — or rather, that found her — in recent years was just a side show, albeit one that amused her, to the unique and profound impact she had on women’s lives.

The article goes on to state the following:

First as a litigator who fought tenaciously for the courts to recognize equal rights for women, one case at a time, and later as the second woman to sit on the hallowed bench of the Supreme Court, Ginsburg left a legacy of achievement in gender equality that had women of varied ages and backgrounds grasping for words this weekend to describe what she meant to them.

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  1. Condolences to her family, yet where was all the to do over Scalia!?? That’s right!! Conservatives are more realistic. They know people live & die . They celebrate those who lived well in a subdued, respectful manner, not over glorifying their role. They comfort and console those who cared, but they don’t make them into idols. RBG, was no saint. She was so partisan & power hungry that she refused to retire before BHO left the Whitehouse, even though she new that her cancer was telling her to retire. The Dems begged her to retire , but she decided to spin the wheel of chance. It would be nice if the Dems would acknowledge that fact & not whine about the inevitable! All Republican Senators & all Dems who are good sports & know RBG, was taking a chance on outliving Trump, should easily vote to fill the vacant seat! RBG had some nerve, IF she really made that dying request, because she made that choice when she refused to step down in 2015.

  2. Another selfish lib who thought Crooked Hillary was gonna win the White House!
    Could of retired nicely at 82 when rotten Obama was so the called president and spent time with family.
    We can thank the deplorables for two now Three SCJ.
    Like our great president Trump said.
    You’ll get tired of Winning!


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