Sunbury,Pennsylvania — Police are trying to track down a man who has kidnapped a woman from the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant.

According to police the man walked into the Great Wall Buffet, ordered food, paid for the food, and then walked into the women’s bathroom.  When he emerged from the bathroom, he was carrying an unconscious girl who was thrown over his shoulder.

This happened at approximately 2.20pm on Saturday.

Sunbury Police Department released a CCTV image of the man carrying the girl out of the restaurant (see photo above).

He was seen leaving the restaurant in a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck with an extended cab.

The suspect is described as having a scruffy beard with no mustache. He was last seen wearing a grey t-shirt with dark shorts and a cap.

The girl has dirty blonde hair and was wearing a grey backpack, turquoise pants and brown boots.

Anyone with information is urged to call Sunbury police at 570-286-4587 or 911 for an officer.


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