The DML Foundation, which I launched in 2018, is operated by wife Mary and me.

The DML Foundation serves our nation by supporting groups and individuals who provide services to veterans, children in need, homeless Americans and first responders.

How and where the DML Foundation receives its funding:

I donate to the DML Foundation each month.  I do this by donating a percentage of every dollar generated from the ads that run on this website, and the proceeds from the sales of my films, events, videos, and DML products.  In addition, 50% of all ad revenue generated at is donated to the DML Foundation.

I do not take a salary from the charity, and non of the money donated to the DML Foundation is used for personal use on my part or Mary’s part.  In addition, we have a 3rd-party (accountant) record every dollar spent.

To help grow the DML Foundation please support my websites and purchase DML products.  To be considered for a donation, please email Mary at [email protected]