Written by Dennis Michael Lynch

The GLENN BECK radio program started with Beck saying:  “There’s a guy who was on Newsmax Television yesterday, David Michael Lynch.”  Wow, nice job Glenn.

As an on-air talent who knows how things work behind the scenes, at the very moment Beck incorrectly referred to me as “David”, I knew odds were Beck was reading off notes handed to him by some low-skilled producer who probably earns the bare-minimum each week to write the lead in to Beck’s program.   In short, this makes Beck no different than the liberal media story-tellers.

Beck’s description of what took place at NewsmaxTV on Wednesday evening is nothing short of false reporting and a twisting of words.  Perhaps he did this because I support Trump and he does not? Or maybe it’s because Beck is not playing with a full deck?

After incorrectly calling me “David,” Beck played a short sound bite from my monologue.  He then stopped the recording and took it upon himself to “recreate” my words.  Here’s how Beck explained why NewsmaxTV pulled the plug during my broadcast:

“Here’s what [Lynch] said that made Newmax pull him off the air.  He said, I’ve been fighting for Trump and I have lost control of my own show.”

Beck then said I was upset because Newsmax was forcing me to play pre-produced clips about Fox News:

“….and he [Lynch] said why are we taking on Fox News when they are the only ones fighting for the same things I’m fighting for and that’s Donald Trump?  And then he went on a Donald Trump thing and said I am being told not to talk so much about Donald Trump, but we have to fight now for Donald Trump…yada yada… and then he says I am not going to do that. And then they take him off the air only to be replaced with the Fox News story.”

Amazing! Not only did I not say those words, but I’m astonished by the fact that not one time during Beck’s recreation of my words did he mention Hillary Clinton.  Most of my monologue was about my desire to report the facts about Hillary Clinton and stopping her from winning the presidency.  I mentioned 9/11 and my audience’s desire to share the truth.  Not once during his 7-minute rant did Glenn Beck ever say the name, “Hillary Clinton.”

Beck never mentioned how I spoke about 9/11, nor did he discuss how I expressed my commitment to reporting the “TRUTH.”  I find it amazingly sad for Beck to leave that stuff out considering Beck’s slogan for his show is: “The Truth Lives Here.”

More from Beck:

“I don’t know him [Lynch], I think I’ve heard of him, I might have met him, but I know nothing about him, and I have never watched his show.”

That statement is a perfect example as to why The Blaze is reportedly tanking.   Here is the truth:

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.46.43 PMIn addition to meeting Beck in Washington DC when we both gave speeches at an immigration rally, between 2013 – 2015 I appeared twice on The Glenn Beck TV program; one time on The Glenn Beck Radio program; two times on The Blaze Radio Network; and no less than 10-times on WILKOW (the primetime TV show on The Blaze at the time). Clearly, Beck has no idea about what’s happening at his own network. Nor does he recall our conversations when he looked at me on a 20-ft large screen.

Beck continues to kick me in the shins: 

“I don’t agree with what he [Lynch] did last night, you don’t do that, that’s somebody else’s property.”
He then shifts to defending Newsmax:

“You’ve [Lynch] been invited into their house, it is their license, it is their sponsorships and everything else.”

What Beck fails to mention is it’s my name on the show title.  It’s my face on the air.  It’s my reputation that is at stake and I won’t compromise that for anyone or anything.  And I will argue that it’s my audience, my fan base, and my following who tunes in each night because they trust me, not NewsmaxTV.   Perhaps Beck should take a few tips from me — Lord knows his reputation could use the help.

He goes on: 

“This guy [Lynch] might have been a nightmare off the air, so I don’t want to throw Newsmax under the bus because I have no idea what the real story is.”

Hysterical, Glenn Beck questioning if I am a nightmare?

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 6.10.45 PMFrom what I am told, many people close to Beck have come to question his sanity.  As noted, his company is reportedly on the decline, and he continues to lose distribution for his TV show. For example, currently there is a message on his website that states The Blaze will be removed from Cablevision on Aug. 31.

Furthermore, NewsmaxTV is filled with former employees of The Blaze.  If you say the name “Glenn Beck” in front of them, well, lets say the eyes begin to roll.

Eight months ago, when we were setting up my studio at NewsmaxTV, I considered buying a desk from Beck.  The desk was used on one of the shows he cancelled at The Blaze.   In order to inspect the desk, I had to walk through the New York City office space currently occupied by The Blaze.  Although, “occupied” is a poor choice of words on my part considering the place looks like a bomb went off.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.46.19 PMBeck’s location in NYC is a total ghost town.  As an award-winning entrepreneur, it is evident to me that The Blaze is a company suffering from its own founder.  Room after room, all I saw was the burning of money.  In a space designed for hundreds of people, all I found was a few lifeless employees who didn’t know what the company stood for.  The dark cold studios and abandoned cubicles were showered with cobwebs and dust.

The Blaze is the victim of one thing:  Glenn Beck. I think he’s an overrated, long-winded has-been who doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up.  He’s a millionaire who chases after crazy ideas and yearns for people to tell him he’s a genius.  Check out this disaster: “Glenn Beck Dream Labs.”

For some reason no media company has figured out the magic sauce used at FOX NEWS. Meanwhile, there is no mystery. The secret sauce is to hire talented hosts who audiences trust. Fox understands this, but these other so-called “conservative TV networks” struggle because unlike Rupport Murdoch, the owners of these places think “they themselves” are the talent.  

There is nothing more pathetic than to watch a network boss act as if he is more powerful than the people who tune in each night. The guys who run these media companies suffer from the same ego-driven brain fart that stinks up every member of Congress.  And that’s why all these “up and coming TV networks” will die off.  I assure you this: The Blaze, and “others” like them, will lose their talent first; then lose their audience; then lose their distribution; and finally lose their shirt.

Beck had a great idea with The Blaze, and mark my word I will pick up the torch where he and all these “others” drop off (minus the Cheetos, conspiracy theories, censorship, voodoo ads, poor management, and crying on TV bits).

Today, Beck is a man who appears to be barely hanging on.  For example, he’s now suing Chris Balfe, the co-founder of The Blaze.  According to the lawsuit, Beck paid Chris too much money — or something to that level.

I’ve met Chris Balfe, and he’s worth every penny — he’s also a solid guy.   This alone makes the lawsuit almost as crazy as Glenn Beck’s pro-amnesty effort in 2014.  Yes, Glenn Beck and his buddy Ted Cruz went to the southern border to hand out Teddy Bears and hot lunches to illegal aliens as they crossed the border into Texas.  Beck reportedly raised $2,000,000 to fund the effort.   According to insiders, the result of such insanity was subscribers making a mass exodus from The Blaze TV.  This left Beck scratching his head wondering what to do next and wondering why his “calling from God” didn’t go over well with his audience.

Shortly thereafter, Beck went on a sympathy campaign in which he claimed he was suffering from some sort of illness.  He made an absolute fool of himself begging for sympathy on The Kelly File, and by posting long-winded Facebook rants about his illness.

I’ve been sick before, dangerously sick in fact, but I took a different path than Beck.   I dropped out of sight — I focused 110% of my time on getting healthy.

The last thing a sick person does is go on TV and Facebook to beg for sympathy.  If you are really sick, Facebook and TV don’t matter.   You do what I did:  You lose weight, you get sleep, you listen to the doctor, AND YOU DISCONNECT from making TV appearances on competing networks. Unless, of course, you’re not sick at all but using health as a means of pleading, “Please don’t leave me.”

Over the past year, Beck has worked overtime to make himself an enemy of Donald Trump.  He proudly led the #NeverTrump movement, and he was part of 22 conservatives who wrote scathing articles about the GOP nominee.   Beck went through Hell and back to tell the world how crazy Trump is.  I say, “Really?  Trump is the crazy guy?”

I think Beck is nuts to use his anti-Trump rhetoric to grab viewers. His lack of support for Trump tells me he cares less about America, and cares more about attracting attention to himself because he knows “Glenn Beck” is a fading name.  For example, as shown in the picture above, Beck did a skit where he and his grungy-looking sidekicks stick their heads in a bowl of Cheetos to poke fun at Trump’s facial complexion.  What sort of respectable man does such a thing?

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 12.44.24 PMBeck is a conspiracy theory pusher who has grown into one of those lazy media types who do little, if anything, to confirm the information he dishes out to audiences.

For media personalities like Beck, I think it’s all about the money. Today, I’m guessing he earns an incredible amount of money selling products and services designed to scare people.  “The market is going to collapse, buy Goldline.”  Yeah, OK Glenn, will you please repeat that toll free number while I get my credit card?

I would never subject my name to endorsing crap that doesn’t work, or that is designed to scare people into spending their hard earned money.  I have too much respect for my name, but more importantly, I hold too much respect for you.

I don’t and won’t sell or promote something unless I believe in it, or use it myself.  I’ve gone to war over this sort of thing with people who tried to push me into doing otherwise, and I have the emails to prove it.  Those emails have been handed over to my lawyers (yes, you can read between the lines).

I emailed and Tweeted Glenn Beck asking for a chance to appear on his show to discuss his comments about me.  I received no reply.  Mr. Cheetos knows when he’s met his match.  I would own him and he knows it.

If you think about it, Beck brought himself this article.  He didn’t have to rant on a guy “he doesn’t claim to know.”  All he had to say was, “Dennis Michael Lynch stood up for what he believes in and they pulled him off the air.”

I get no enjoyment out of writing a piece like this about Beck.  I’d rather help someone up, then knock someone down.  But I have learned a great deal from Donald Trump.  Shaking one’s head and just brushing it off doesn’t work in today’s climate.  That said, I’m ripping a page from Donald.  If you screw with me…. you say B.S. about me… you put words in my mouth or try to taint my career, hurt my family name, screw with my fans, whatever…. You should do so knowing I’m going to come down on you like a category 5 hurricane.

The emergency warning signal has been sounded.

Here is the audio file from Beck’s show.  Underneath is my monologue.  You judge for yourself.

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