In what appears to be a never-ending pursuit of grabbing ratings by means of hating on Donald Trump, radio show host Glenn Beck invited listeners to call into his program and voice opinions and concerns about Trump and his immigration “softening.”

A caller named “Nate” voiced his concerns about Trump’s recent comments about allowing illegal aliens to remain in the country.  During the conversation, Nate said Trump would receive backlash from supporters if he did not follow through with his promises (e.g. build a wall).

Beck asked if the caller was referring to impeachment.  Nate said yes.  But Beck pushed further. In his desperate plea for ratings, Beck used sensationalism to push Nate into commenting about the possibility of the backlash being violent (watch video).

Beck, who was allegedly suspended from Sirius XM for conducting conversations that referred to Trump being assassinated if elected president, appears to be fixated on pushing a narrative that fuels the potential for Trump being hurt physically.

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