God Bless America Banner Removed From PO

Holly Cranston picks up "God Bless America" yard signs at Jake's Fireworks on Friday. The sign were given out in response to the Pittsburg Post Office being forced to take down a similar banner on Wednesday. MICHAEL STAVOLA/THE MORNING SUN

Complaint from one atheist forces down banner after 15 years.

One spark has ignited a burning flame of patriotism in this southeast Kansas community.   Beautiful!!

Story By Michael Stovola | MORNING SUN | PITTSBURG, KS — A Wisconsin based company had one “God Bless America” sign removed, only to have 1,500 more start appearing around town.

The Pittsburg Post Office was required to remove a “God Bless America” banner from the side of the building Wednesday, after the Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation claimed the banner violated the separation between church and state. The FFRF request was made on behalf of an unnamed Pittsburg resident.

A couple days later, Jake’s Fireworks responded by printing 1,200 “God Bless America” yard signs and 300 similar banners. The company began handing out signs at 11 a.m. and by 11:45 a.m., the signs were gone.

“Obviously, we’re among the majority that didn’t agree with the decision to take the sign down (at the post office),” said Jason Marietta, retail sales director.

Cars stretched over two blocks. Drivers were eventually met with rows of American flags and a digital sign saying “God Bless America” as they pulled into the company’s driveway at east industrial park, where Marietta and other employees directed traffic and greeted the drivers.

“Thanks for doing this,” one driver yelled out. Marietta responded, “Thank you for coming.”

The company had a crew work overnight printing signs, he said. Marietta knew the demand would be high after a Facebook post was shared 1,500 times. He just didn’t imagine it would be this big.

Local legislators Sen. Jake LaTurner, (R-Pittsburg), and Reps. Adam Lusker, (D-Frontenac), and Chuck Smith, (R-Pittsburg), were among those helping distribute signs.

Please read full story here:   http://www.morningsun.net/news/20160129/blessings—more-than-1000-god-bless-america-signs-given-away-as-backlash-grows




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