GoFundMe Account for Chicago Torture Victim Skyrockets

A GoFundMe page has quickly reached nearly $100,000 in donations for the mentally disabled Chicago torture victim named Austin who was tied up and beaten during a Facebook Live broadcast.

The GoFundMe campaign, Let’s show the Chicago Victim Love, has received donations from over 3,300 donors across the nation as of Saturday afternoon.


“The campaign has been confirmed ‘legitimate’ and the creator of the page has been working directly with the victim’s family,” said Bartlett Jackson, GoFundMe’s regional communications manager.

Creator Razor Sheldon launched the fundraiser on Friday and stated this reason for establishing the page: “To raise about $5,000 for the victim (whose name is Austin) from a couple hundred people.” Sheldon is thrilled by the outpouring of support and how enthusiastically the campaign has been received.

“I never imagined we’d be where we are today, with more than $60,000 from over 2,000 people, not a day-and-a-half later…, and still climbing! That’s heartwarming, and reaffirms the fact there are many, many good folks out there in our local and global communities that care and want to help others.”

He also gave followers an update on the victim’s recovery:

“Austin is a little sore and moving slowly, but he has been more alert and has been enjoying food again, as well as playing some video games with his brothers.” In addition, he has been “amazed to see all the support and prayers he is receiving.”

Sheldon added that “Austin’s favorite sports team is the Chicago Bulls,” for those who want to send gifts.  Lastly, he explained that the photo used in the fundraiser served as a “reminder of what happened and why we have all decided we want to help Austin.”




















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