Goldman Sachs Pulls Dirty Move on Trump-Supporting Employees

Reportedly from Fox News, the American multinational banking firm Goldman Sachs is banning their high-ranking employees from donating money or forms of contribution to the Donald Trump campaign. What makes the banning of these donations completely unethical, since the company is impeding on its employees freedom of speech, is that there has been no official ban made for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

All other political parties such as the Libertarian Party and Green Party are allowed as well. Exempting Trump is not only politically biased, but an infringement on the rights of their workers who support the candidate. In fact, the policy is so extensive that the company is forbidding employees from buying Trump paraphernalia like hats and t-shirts as well.

The company claims they made the ban to present an image of themselves “not taking sides,” yet they are being self-hypocritical since the ban is not implemented on Clinton. Clearly, there’s an agenda going on behind the scenes, especially since Goldman Sachs employees are capable of making big money donations.


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