Google Exposed for Further Altering These Hillary Searches

A lot of news has been in circulation lately regarding Hillary Clinton’s health, specifically the tailored rumors that she may be sick with possible Parkinson’s Disease or some form of seizures. Of course, this probes inquiry into internet searching the possible theories, or conspiracies, regarding what is truly going on with Hillary Clinton.

Regardless of your stance on her possible decline in health, one thing is for sure: Google does not want you asking questions about it. The most popular internet browser and search engine used by Americans has purportedly been altering search output suggestions when people look up about the “Hillary’s Health” topic. Need proof?

Let’s take a look at less popular engines, Bing and Yahoo. When you begin typing the following “Hillary Clinton’s he-” on Bing, results return the suggestions, “Hillary Clinton’s health,” “Hillary Clinton’s health issues,” and “Hillary Clinton’s health and weight.” Similarly, search results on Yahoo return the suggestions, “Hillary Clinton’s health problems,” Hillary Clinton’s health,” and “Hillary Clinton’s health issues.”

Google is playing in a different ballpark. The expression “Hillary Clinton’s he-” when applied to Google’s search bar produces the following suggestions: “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,” “Hillary Clinton’s health plan,” and “Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan.”

This may not come shocking, since Google’s CEO is fervent Clinton supporter, but what’s more disturbing is Google’s claim that these suggestions are not fixed alterations, but are actually what people are googling for. In essence, Google claims its algorithm is clean and that people apparently have great interest in Hillary’s headquarters…

Moral of the story: you may want to start using Bing or Yahoo.

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