GOP Lawmaker Booed by Liberals for Supporting Military (video)

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Yes, the Republicans hold the majority in the House and the Senate.  But if you think that makes it any easier to be a GOP lawmaker in the Trump era, you may want to rethink things.  For example, just ask Rep. Dave Trott from Michigan how hard it is to host a town hall meeting.

In the old days, a Republican Representative’s biggest challenge was convincing staunch conservatives to pony up a donation.  But those days are long gone.

From coast to coast, no matter where a GOP lawmaker serves, hosting a town hall is now a matter of survival. Republican politicians are now having to deal with the crazy alt-left protesters who are showing up in droves.

Case in point: Earlier today, while Rep. Dave Trott was hosting a packed town hall in Detroit, he told attendees he supported President Trump’s plan to increase funding for the United States military.  The reaction from the liberals was as deafening as it was appalling.   Hundreds of liberals in the crowd “booed” heavily at Trott’s support for the president’s plan to support the military.

See if for yourself by watching the video:



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