According to a Real Clear Politics ballot test, Democrats are favored to win in the 2018 midterm elections by 6.9 points, but the GOP is reportedly closing the gap, and has reported their best fundraising record yet.

The Washington Times published an exclusive report on the record-breaking earnings by Republicans:

The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $10.1 million in the first month of the year — $3.6 million higher than their previous record in January of an election year. They also beat their 2016 total for available funds with $50.6 million cash on hand, $15.9 million more than at this point in 2016 cycle, their previous best.

The NRCC, the fundraising arm of House Republicans, is $26.4 million ahead in fundraising compared to this point in 2016, and $17.9 million more than their best cycle to date. Overall for the 2018 cycle, Republicans have a whopping $95.1 million at the start of the year.