GOP wins big congressional seat

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On Tuesday night, Kansas state Treasurer Ron Estes defeated Democratic civil rights attorney James Thompson in acquiring a congressional seat.

Estes, a Republican, is the first GOP member to win an election following the inauguration of President Trump. In total, Estes took in 53% of the vote, while Thompson fell short at 46%.

The open seat was previously held by Mike Pompeo, who left the role when he was appointed Director of the CIA by Trump. The President voiced his support for Estes Tuesday morning, tweeting to Kansas citizens to get out and vote for Estes.

Other Republican elites such as Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Ted Cruz also made calls to action by campaigning on Estes’ behalf in Wichita. Thompson believes this high profile support is what ultimately cost him the seat in this specialized election.

“You fight,” Thompson told Fox News when asked what the results should show Democrats. “You play every game.”

Other upcoming special elections will be taking place for vacant seats in Georgia, Montana and South Carolina, which are all primarily conservative leaning.



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