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Republican U.S. House candidates shattered expectations in the 2020 election, in part because independents and some Democratic voters “connected the dots” between liberal Democratic governance and the economic deterioration in their communities, according to one GOP lawmaker.

U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock of California, a Sacramento-area Republican and member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said on Fox News’ “Hannity” that people in liberal and Democratic precincts have seen firsthand how the left’s policies have failed them.

The article goes on to state the following:

He said that in many places where there is a uniform left-wing hold on political power, constituents are often left dealing with rampant homelessness, high taxes, failing public schools, unemployment and skyrocketing energy costs.

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  1. Yes, connecting the dots on corruption cum treason.

    See Michelle Malkin’s interview with Philippine Attorney Glenn Chong. He’s been fighting against Dominion/Smartmatic election fraud for 10 years. He has election logs and has pieced together how much of it is done.

  2. It is obvious to everyone, but the Democrats are only interested in power. There is no way Biden stayed in his basement and won this election. There was no excitement in the electorate for him. And Kamala barely campaigned either. They knew it was in the bag. The Republicans picked up seats everywhere, except the Presidency and Trump even got nine million more votes than in 2016. Everyone should care about the Fraud that was committed because we no longer have a free country.

    • As this “Connecting the Dots” how did we win all these House Seats if the people voting didn’t vote up/down ticket with our President on the top???? Most voters do!!! The Left media & Dems CHEATED!!

  3. This echoes what this election will prove. Americans want their country back. We hardly recognize America anymore. Taking for granted that leaders have your best interest at heart — those days are over. Citizens have a Great Responsibility in their own Governing.


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