A senior official in a government agency that handles volunteer programs is no longer employed at the agency, following reports that he was banned by Uber for making racially-charged comments.

Daniel Pollack had been an official with the Corporation for National and Community Service, but a spokesperson Friday said he was no longer employed there.

According to a report from The HillDaniel Pollack served as a senior adviser in the agency, which handles federal volunteer programs like AmeriCorps and the Social Innovation Fund. A spokeswoman for the agency confirmed to CNN on Friday that Pollack is no longer employed at the agency. 

CNN’s KFile reported last month that Pollack had been banned from using Uber over anti-Muslim and racially-charged comments that he allegedly made to a driver.

Pollack worked under Carl Higbie, who was appointed by President Donald Trump. Higbie resigned last month as chief of external affairs for the agency, the report says, following a CNN report that said he’d made “racist, sexist and anti-Muslim comments on a radio show.”