The GQ Magazine has come out with what they call the “50 most powerful people in Trump’s Washington,” aside from President Trump himself, and they have put White House Communications Director Hope Hicks at the top of the list.

The list is not necessarily complimentary, and it includes both Republicans and Democrats, as well as some in the media.

Of Hicks, GQ magazine says, “With a boss who blew into Washington distrustful of the natives, Hicks is among the last of the original campaign staffers to remain by Trump’s side. And in a West Wing where power is measured by proximity to the president, her presence there is a constant.”

The key to her power? She avoids the spotlight and serves ruthlessly. It’s been enough to help her evade the wrath of Trump and the scrutiny of the media (if not the growing curiosity of Robert Mueller). Even when scandal inches close, as it did earlier this month when the White House bungled the dismissal of staff secretary Rob Porter—who Hicks was said to have dated—she emerges, influence seemingly intact. For now, she’s still directing (or deflecting) much of what comes at Trump. “To the public, she remains in the background,” says Conway. “To the president, she is front and center.”

The magazine starts their list with the following:

  1. Hope Hicks
  2. Vice President Mike Pence
  3. Special Counsel Robert Mueller
  4. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader & Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader
  5. Scott Pruitt, EPA Director
  6. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
  7. Marty Baron, Editor of ‘The Washington Post’
  8. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly
  9. Corry Bliss, Head of Congressional Leadership Fund
  10. Rep. Mark Meadows
  11. Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor
  12. James Mattis, Secretary of Defense
  13. Fox & Friends


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