Granny Put In A Choke-Hold By Teen Robber

In ruthless attack, a robbery suspect put a 76-year-old store owner in a headlock until she passed out.

A video that went viral on facebook of a robbery at a small Honolulu store Monday night has left people outraged, as one suspect put the store owner in a choke-hold until she passed out, while two other suspects cleaned out the cash register.   It was all caught on surveillance camera, but the suspects got away. 

The suspect who actually choked the elderly woman is now in custody, however – his mother saw the video and forced him to turn himself in, according to KITV News.   Police are not releasing any information about him because they say he is a teenager.

The store was just robbed last Friday night, when 3 different suspects got away with money in a separate incident.  The owner of the business next door said the store is robbed often, because the owners are elderly and can’t fight back.

By Wednesday the woman was out of the hospital and back at the store resting.

 Honolulu, Hawaii News and Weather – KITV Channel 4


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