Graphic ISIS Video Shows Young Boys Shooting And Beheading “Spies”

In a new video released by the Islamic State, ISIS militants and their young boys are shown murdering captured “spies” in a mass shooting andmosul beheading in “Wilayat Ninawa,” or Nineveh, Iraq.  On September 19 the video was released online on ISIS terrorist channels.

The video comes from the ISIS-occupied territory of “Wilayat Ninawa,” Iraq, which includes the city of Mosul. Other vulnerable cities in the area include Tal Kif, Hamam al-‘Alil, Qara Tabba, Ba’ashiqah and Bahzani, Al-Khidhr, Khorasabat, Bazawiyyah, Tarjalah, and Mount Aski.

Viewers may not want to watch with children in the room.

The Graphic and disgusting video can be seen below:


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