Stein Flip Flops on Pennsylvania

Shortly after the Green Party dropped it’s court case with the state, they decided to seek the help of federal courts in obtaining an emergency court order to continue the recount process in Pennsylvania.

Fox News reports, the Green Party’s campaign lawyer Jonathan Abady feels that obstacles to a recount in Pennsylvania are “pervasive” and the state court system is incapable of addressing the issue properly.

In a statement made by Abady last night, “We are committed to this fight to protect the civil and voting rights of all Americans.”

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who is behind this entire process and who has raised almost $ 7 million dollars for it, describes the recount effort as an attempt to determine if voting machines and systems were hacked and the election result manipulated. To date, there has been no evidence provided to back her claims.

The voter recount process of Wisconsin and Michigan had begun last week.

Trump’s attorney’s  have said there is “no evidence or allegations that tampering occurred with Pennsylvania’s voting systems.” Pennsylvania law does not allow a court-ordered recount, they argued, and a lawyer for the Green Party has also agreed that there is no precedent in Pennsylvania.

Trump and Republican lawyers are calling this latest move an attempt to delay the certification of presidential electors on December 13.

Trump’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania is 49,000 and Pennsylvania officials do not expect the occurrence of any major change in the uncounted votes that would be so dramatic it would effect the outcome of the presidential election in Pennsylvania.



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