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The drug epidemic in the Unites States is beyond explanation. Heroin, weed, cocaine — it’s all available at prices that are very affordable. In fact, there are reports that state drug cartels are now informing dealers to give away free samples of heroin to new users. Why? Because the theory is that once the user gets hooked they’ll become a customer for life.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recently put out a report stating that blacks use drugs at a rate 23 percent higher than the general population and whites. Most drug users are young men between the ages of 16 and 25. Thus, it doesn’t help matters when the hip-hop stars put out music videos glorifying drug use. A perfect example is a new video by a hip-hop act whose latest song is called ‘GREEN SUICIDE.” Take a look at the video and listen to the lyrics (warning: profanity). The glorification of drug use is disgusting but it remains a major driver in why youngsters are getting hooked. These “artists” make a fortune by selling music that sells the perception that ‘drug-use is cool.’

Ask any police officer why the black communities are struggling and they always provide the same answer: drugs!


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