A groin kick during an MMA fight leaves man in agonizing pain (video)

A “low blow” ended the Heavyweight MMA fight between South Korean fighters Aorigele, 22 and opponent Myung Hyun-Man, 32. The fight ended soon after it started when Aorigele kicked Hyun-Man in the groin, sending the man to the mat writhing in pain.

Doctors rushed to Hyun-Man to help, while Aorigele stood back and watched. In the video, Hyun-Man looks to be in a considerable amount of pain, with some indication of swelling in the area of injury.  Hyun-Man was eventually covered with a sheet for privacy while any damage was assessed.

Korean MMA promotion Road Fighting Championship put the fight on as part of their Road FC 39 event.  After the groin blow, the fight was ruled a non-contest. According to the Unified Rules and Other MMA Regulations, a kick to the groin is a foul.

You can see the video here.


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