Gruesome Video Shows ISIS Torturing, Beheading Alleged Spy


The Islamic State has unveiled a gruesome new video titled “So Take Warning.” The video’s graphic nature is unbearable, as it shows an alleged spy being brutally executed in Aleppo, Syria. The video was released to the public for viewership on September 18 on ISIS terrorist channels, where the spy is shot and beheaded for his apparent treachery to ISIS.

The condemned spy refers to himself as a “rafidi,” as revealed in the interview portion of the video. Rafidi is used by ISIS to refer to “Iran” as a whole, since it’s a derogatory term for Shia Muslims. Iran is primarily Shia, or at least supportive for the Shia-backed government of Iraq rather than the radical Sunni counterpart. Rafidi also means “rejectors” because Shia Muslims believe in a different view of Islam following the death of its founder, Muhammad.

In the interview, the term is repeatedly mentioned, and while the video is still being investigated for its content, the footage is clearly shocking and disturbing.


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