Guard at 9/11 Memorial Told Students To Stop Singing National Anthem

Video of guard’s disrespect has sparked national outrage.

Visiting the 9/11 memorial last Wednesday were about 50 students from Waynesville Middle School, in western North Carolina.   The students had respectfully lined up and started singing “The Star Spangled Banner.”   They were about half-way through the song, when a security guard walked over and told them to stop.     “You just can’t do this, you’ve go to stop now,” the guard said.  

He told them they needed a permit in order to perform, although teacher Martha Brown said a different security guard had verbally given them the ok and told them where to stand.

The students quietly exited the park, respecting the guard’s order, but in disappointment and confusion.

Now officials at the memorial said the security guard should NOT have stopped their performance, reports ABC News.   “The guard did not respond appropriately,” said the spokeswoman, Kaylee Skaar. “We are working with our security staff to ensure that this does not happen again with future student performances.”

Sept. 11 memorial officials confirmed there actually is a $35 permit required for groups wanting to perform, and special rules are to be followed, such as no amplified sound and not interfering with the flow of traffic.   The students were complying with the rules, they just weren’t aware of the permit requirement.



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