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Jan Morgan drew national attention when she declared that her gun range was a “Muslim Free Zone.” Now, she takes her stance to the political spectrum, as she embarks on a bid to become the governor of Arkansas.

Morgan’s Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs has been resisting Muslim customers since 2014, when she declared it a “Muslim Free Zone” on social media and her website, saying, “I refuse to train the next Islamic (sic) terrorist.”

Morgan says “countless” people have contacted her to express support for her business practices.

Now, Morgan seeks another type of fame, making an announcement in a video posted to YouTube on Dec. 30 that she’s planning to challenge incumbent Asa Hutchinson in the Republican primary.

According to the Arkansas Times, gun rights will be Morgan’s signature issue. She has reportedly criticized Hutchinson, who was elected in 2014, for giving local prosecutors discretion in interpreting the state’s open-carry law.

Morgan wrote in a blog that the “Second Amendment is my line in the sand.” She included the Latin phrase, Molon Labe, which means “come and take them.”

From The Kansas City Star:

On Monday, Morgan announced she would hold a meet-and-greet event later this month at the Perry County Fairgrounds.

“Are Muslims invited?” asked a commenter on Facebook.

Morgan’s official page responded: “This is a public event not a private business that has to adhere to federal law. Therefore like any citizen are free (sic) to attend.”

The Arkansas Times says Morgan referenced the following issues in her announcement (see below) about her candidacy:

* Roll call votes in legislative committee.

* Corporate handouts of tax money.* Taxes were cut in some places, but raised in others, she complained. The tax burden needs to be reduced, she says. And, of course, it can be done without a loss of vital services by cutting “waste.”

* Health care: the best government intervention in health care is none, she said.

* Guns. “Arkansas is a constitutional carry state,” she said, calling Hutchinson’s statement that prosecutors have some leeway in interpreting the open carry law was “the most egregious statement made by an elected politician this year.”

The news site also notes that Morgan is a “born-again Christian” who is “genetically conservative” and who has announced, “I ride my own Harley.”

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