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A shooting spree in Kentucky left five people dead on Saturday evening, including the gunman.

The Johnson County sheriff said the five victims died in a “murder spree,” according to KTLA.

Authorities responding to reports of a shooting found the bodies of two victims at a home in Johnson County, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

While deputies were searching for a suspect, they found two more victims and the suspected shooter dead at an apartment in Paintsville — about 10 miles away from where the first victims were found.

“This has been a horrific murder spree. The lives of four innocent victims were taken. The perpetrator then took his own life,” Sheriff Dwayne Price said.

Price said the gunman’s actions left the police feeling heartbroken,saying the loss of four lives was very “disturbing.”

“I have worked in law enforcement for 34 years,” Price said. “This is one of the most disturbing acts of violence I have ever seen.”

Police are not releasing the names of any of the victims until their families are notified, accordig to the news site.

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