Haitian American Reveals Shocking Details of Clinton Corruption In Haiti

Haitian Americans are coming out in full opposition to Hillary Clinton, and a recent interview with one of their members explains why.

Luke Rudkowski of “WeAreChange” interviewed Haitian American Joseph Mathieu in Philadelphia, where members of the Haitian community were protesting against Clinton.

Mathieu was asked why are the Haitians so mad at Hillary Clinton?  He responded that the Clinton’s have destroyed Haiti for decades – “they pretend to be our friends, when in reality, they are our #1 enemies.”  He said after the earthquake, countries around the world donated billions of dollars to rebuild Haiti.   He said Bill Clinton was in charge of the money – but people are still living under tents.

Haiti has enough resources to be very comfortable, Mathieu said.  Haiti has oil – more than Venezuela.  Haiti has one of the largest gold mines in the Caribbean, “but no one is talking about it.”   Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, has a 26-year-contract on the gold mining in Haiti, an angry Mathieu ranted.

“The Clintons are the ones who are running Haiti,” he said.  “They are stealing our money, stealing our resources, and we are outraged!”     He said Hillary Clinton has “no business” running for President.



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